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Obesity and plus size are now words that are everyday part of daily life be it on TV in magazines or online. The reality is as a nation we are getting bigger. For some this may mean a stone or two overweight and for many others it can be a whole lot more. Whether you are happy with your size or not, finding anything from good clothing to current information about health matters can be very time consuming and frustrating.The authorities are viewing the need for change but often there can be a negative image and little support. We want to centralise information and places to go for support as well as offer a positive approach.

Living as a bigger person can have many different ‘knock on’ effects. This can be your health, your happiness, your confidence or even your comfort. Our site is very much led by what you want to have on it and as a voice for the people who live daily with a weight problem. Whatever your age, weight or background we want to hear from you either directly or share experiences Professionals - we welcome your input, suggestions and articles

Aug 18th 2014

Employment law firm, Thomas Mansfield, are looking to speak to anyone who believes that they’ve missed out on a job because of their weight… Or anyone that has been negatively treated at work due to their weight… This is in relation to research carried out by Thomas Mansfield into the discrimination of obese job applicants by HR professionals and recruiters in the UK. This research has found that a dangerously high number of recruiters and HR professionals consider obesity a negative trait – an opinion that is being factored into the decision process. Any response would be welcomed (anonymous or otherwise) – please email matt.chappell@searchlaboratory.com or call 0113 212 1211 and ask for Matt Chappell.

To mark 10 years since we launched there is a lot happening in 2014 . It has been a busy year for obesity in the media and we have appeared on BBC Breakfast, Radio 5 live, BBC London, West Midlands, Shropshire and many other radio stations, click here for one of our media articles

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Our new youtube channel is now live http://bit.ly/1lONVGA We will be bringing you nutritional tips from Jessica Villa and adding some of our favourite health videos to our playlists, she will alos be answering some of your nutrition based questions via you tube so email over some questions to nutrition@bigmatters.co.uk. Also let us know any videos on health you think we should share


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