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Obesity and plus size are now words that are everyday part of daily life be it on TV in magazines or online. The reality is as a nation we are getting bigger. For some this may mean a stone or two overweight and for many others it can be a whole lot more. Whether you are happy with your size or not, finding anything from good clothing to current information about health matters can be very time consuming and frustrating.The authorities are viewing the need for change but often there can be a negative image and little support. We want to centralise information and places to go for support as well as offer a positive approach.

Living as a bigger person can have many different ‘knock on’ effects. This can be your health, your happiness, your confidence or even your comfort. Our site is very much led by what you want to have on it and as a voice for the people who live daily with a weight problem. Whatever your age, weight or background we want to hear from you either directly or share experiences Professionals - we welcome your input, suggestions and articles .

2015 marks the 11th year since we launched .Obesity is rarely out the news and you may have seen/heard us discussing our opinion in the media - BBC Breakfast, BBC News, Radio 4, ITV news, Radio 5 live, BBC London, West Midlands, Shropshire and many other radio stations, click here for just one of our media articles.

We get lots of TV requests in for you to take part. Current requests include ITN , BBC & Channel 4 Bodyshockers for details of all shows see tv participation . If you want to be considered for shows or have a general enquiry drop us an email to info@bigmatters.co.uk.

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Mar 2015

If you are looking to start to make a change to your eating habits one of the best ways is to keep a food and mood diary. Even if you just do it for a week it will help you to see why you are eating and what you are eating so you can start to make a change. You can download a food and mood diary template here

Being active is a vital part of healthy living , try fitness consultant Paul Bourne's 14 day plan to get you active even if you are not a regular exerciser as well as tips from Sonia on the benefits of swimming and walking.

If you want to get writing then please get in contact about becoming a blogger for the site, just drop us a mail to blog@bigmatters.co.uk . It can be on anything - maybe you have a wedding coming up , trying or having a baby, a man wanting to explain the diet world from a male perspective or maybe considering bariatric surgery. It doesnt have to be some special event it can just be your experiences of living with a weight issue, sharing is empowering as people realise that their feelings and thoughts are not unique.

Our new youtube channel is now live . We will be bringing you nutritional tips from Jessica Villa and adding some of our favourite health, bariatric surgery, celebrity & weight related videos to our playlists.We have also added a playlist of 25 videos giving basic cookery skills as we know people have asked for how to start home cooking skills from scratch which we will be adding to

It's important that obesity and health are on the agenda at schools and colleges.We need future generations to make a stand and try and stop the swift rise in the obesity problem .

This short film was made by two students who approached us as part of their course as they were concerned ' obesity is a serious problem for the UK'

In a world where we are surrounded by high fat, high sugar, processed food it can be hard to make those healthy choices. Basic cookery skills are a start and we have added some key skills for beginners to our you tube playlist http://bit.ly/1C5KIv



























































































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